DSi NDSLite Gormiti Travel Kit (ACOG) - 8034023861111

Un videogame per ACOG  prodotto da Eurosell, 2009


ssors used on this board are recycled andtested 68040 processors operating at 40MHz with MMU/FPU. By using theseprocessors a very competitive pricing for the BLIZZARD 1240 T/ERC ispossible. The board is axpandable to a total amount of 128 MB of RAM bystandard 72 pin SIMM. All other specifications are the same as those forthe well known BLIZZARD 1260. Like it's Big Sister the, BLIZZARD 1240T/ERC can be expanded by the SCSI Kit IV.

Technical Data BLIZZARD 1240T/ERC Turbo Board:

  • Accelerator Board for the AMIGA 1200, with recycled 40 MHz 68040
  • Processor with FPU/MMU for maximum performance in integer and floatingpoint applications.
  • A 72-pin SIMM socket allows easy memory upgrades by use of standard 32bit SIMMS up to 64 Mbyte (up to 192 MByte with the BLIZZARD SCSI-Kit IV)
  • Autoconfiguring memory and optional MAPROM function for copying theoperating system into the fast memory
  • A very fast memory design allows high memory performance resulting inexcellent overall system performance and significantly acceleratedgraphics
  • An DMA expansion connector allows upgrading of the BLIZZARD 1240T/ERCwith expansion modules such as the BLIZZARD SCSI-Kit IV
  • Asynchronousdesign for full genlock compatibility, 68040 may be disabled with a simplekeystroke on boot up to enable A1200 to revert to 68020 mode allowing fullgame compatibility
  • Battery backed,self-recharging clock with calendar Highest quality ofmanufacturing incorporating latest SMD technology Made in Germany with a12 months parts and labour Warranty.

      Informazioni bibliografiche

      • Titolo: DSi NDSLite Gormiti Travel Kit
      • Sottotitolo: Kit per NDS & DSI
      • Console: ACOG
      • Genere: Pack
      • Produttore: Eurosell
      • Data di Pubblicazione: 17 Novembre '09
      • EAN-13: 8034023861111